KAGRA's Initial Operation<br>To Begin Soon Prof. Takaaki Kajita<br> to share the Nobel Prize<br> in Physics 2015 First Stone Laying Ceremony<br>for CTA LST Prototype First look<br> at antineutrino appearance<br> from T2K
Public Relations
2017.04.27: [Employment] Project Assistant Professors at Kamioka Observatory [Eng-Information]
2017.04.18: ICRR's Virtual Reality contents available [Eng-Information]
2017.04.12: ICRR's PR video available [Eng-Information]
2017.04.06: CTA and Super-Kamiokande projects have been introduced to Their Majesties the King and the Queen of Spain [Eng-Topics]
2017.03.11: [Employment] Associate Professor for HE gamma-ray astrophysics CTA Project [Eng-Topics]
2017.03.07: [Employment] Assistant Professor at KAGRA Observatory [Eng-Information]
2016.10.05: [Employment] Professor at Kamioka Observatory [Eng-Information]
2016.10.05: [Employment] Postdoctoral fellowship in Astroparticle Physics [Eng-Information]
2016.09.15: [Employment] Assistant Professor at Kamioka Observatory [Eng-Information]
2016.08.07: [Press Release] T2K presents first CP violation search result [Eng-Information]
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