List of FY2020 Inter-University Research Program (International)

国際 共同利用研究

Neutrino and Astroparticle Research Division

Ref. NumberAffiliationDepartmentJob TitlePrincipal InvestigatorResearch ProposalNew/Ongoing
A01Sungkyunkwan UniversityDepartment of PhysicsProfessorYu, IntaeLight scattering measurement in the water using the Super-Kamiokande detectorOngoing
A02Gwangju Institute of Scinece and TechnologyGIST college (Physics concentration)InstructorJee-Seung JangNeutron Antineutron Oscillation in Super-KamiokandeOngoing
A03TRIUMFPhysical SciencesResearch ScientistPatrick De PerioNew Photogrammetry Calibration and Machine Learning Event Reconstruction for Super-Kamiokande and Hyper-KamiokandeOngoing
A04Ecole polytechnique universite paris-saclayPhysics DepartmentProfessorMichel GoninStudy of supernova neutrinos in Super-KamiokandeOngoing
A05University Autonoma MadridTheoretical Physics Profesor TitularLuis LabargaData Taking, Calibrations, Measurements and Analysis with Super-Kamiokande and SupreK-GdOngoing
A06University of Naples Federico IIDept. of Physics “Ettore Pancini”Assistant ProfessorGianfranca De RosaTests on mPMT photodetection system for Hyper-Kamiokande ExperimentNew
A07University of SevilleDepartment of Atomic, Molecular and Nuclear PhysicsFull ProfessorJuan Antonio Caballero CarreteroConstraining systematics at T2K and SuperKamiokande oscillation analyses using neutrino-nucleus interaction modelsNew
B01University Autonoma MadridTheoretical PhysicsProfessor 
Luis LabargaDevelopment and testing of cost-effective, high-performance PhotoDetector anti-implosion covers for Hyper-KamiokandeOngoing
B02King’s College LondonDepartment of PhysicsProfessorFrancesca Di LodovicoFinalization of the design for the Outer Detector for the Hyper-Kamiokande experimentNew
B03University of EdinburghSchool of Physics & AstronomyVisiting Professor Stephen Michael PlayferPhotosensors for the Hyper-Kamiokande ExperimentNew

High Energy Cosmic Ray Research Division

Ref. NumberAffiliationDepartmentJob TitlePrincipal InvestigatorResearch ProposalNew/Ongoing
C01University of HawaiiDepartment of Physics and AstronomyProfessorThomas BrowderNeutrino Telescope Array Light Collector Prototype TestNew
C02Tata Institute of Fundamental ResearchDepartment of High Energy PhysicsFellowPravata K. MohantyA joint observation of near earth space through ~100 GeV cosmic rays using the Akeno and the GRAPES-3 muon telescopeNew
F01Institute for Nuclear Reseach RASAdministrationDeputy directorGrigory I. RubtsovUltra-high-energy cosmic-ray origin studies with the Telescope Array and TAx4 surface detectorOngoing
F02SungKyunKwan University Department of PhysicsProfessorI. H. ParkStudy of the Hotspot in Ultra High Energy Cosmic Rays with a New Large Telescope ArrayOngoing
F03University of UtahHigh Energy Astrophysics Institute and Department of Physics and AstronomyProfessorC.C.H. JuiStudy of UHECR origin using the TAx4 Fluorescence DetectorsOngoing
F04National Tsing Hua UniversityInstitute of AstronomyPost-doctoral Research FellowEllis OwenInvestigating the origin of the diffuse cosmic gamma-ray background in the CTA eraNew
F05Max Planck Institute for PhysicsGamma-ray astronomy (MAGIC/CTA)Postdoctoral ResearcherMoritz Hütten2nd symposium “Dark Matter searches in the 2020s” (“Kashiwa Dark Matter symposium”)Ongoing
F06University of Padova, INFN PadovaPhysics and AstronomyPostdoctoral ResearcherNataly Ospina EscobarWorkshop: Synergies at new frontiers at gamma-rays, neutrinos and gravitational wavesNew
F07Universidad Mayor de San Andres (UMSA)Instituto de Investigaciones Físicas (IIF)ProfessorPedro MirandaStudy for Galactic CR origin using the ALPACA air shower array in BoliviaOngoing
F08National Astronomical ObservatoriesGamma ray and Neutrino groupChief ScientistDing ChenStudy of high-energy cosmic rays at a high altitude in Tibet, ChinaOngoing

Astrophysics and Gravity Research Division

Ref. NumberAffiliationDepartmentJob TitlePrincipal InvestigatorResearch ProposalNew/Ongoing
G01University of CamerinoSchool of Science and Tecnologies – Physics Dept.ResearcherFlavio TravassoCryogenic Test masses, Isolation, suspensionOngoing
G02Academia SinicaInstitute of PhysicsResearch FellowSadakazu HainoDevelopment of high power KAGRA LASER systemOngoing
G03National Central UnivercityPhysics depertmentAssistant ProfesserYuki InoueDevelopment of calibration and reconstruction system for KAGRA observationOngoing
G04National Tsing Hua UniversityInstitute of Photonics TechnologiesProfessorRay-Kuang LeeFilter cavity experiments for frequency dependent squeezed light source for KAGRAOngoing
G05Beijin Normal UniversityDepartment of astronomyProfessorZong-Hong ZHUNoise Evaluation and Reduction of Cryogenic Mirror Suspension System in KAGRAOngoing
G06Ewha Womans UniversityPhysicsAssistant ProfessorChunglee KimSearch for astrophysical sources of gamma rays and gravitational wavesNew
G07Beijing Normal UniversityDepartment of AstronomyProfessorZhoujian CaoEccentric Binary Black Hole Waveform Template:SEOBNREv1 and SEOBNREv1_ROMOngoing
G08University of Notre DameDepartment of PhysicsAdjunct Associate ProfessorLan Quynh NguyenCollaboration for gravitation wave observatory in study dark matter with compact binary coalescenceNew
G09National Tsing Hua UniversityInstitute of AstronomyDistinguished ProfessorAlbert KongImplementing Sophisticated Data Analysis Methods on KAGRA DataNew