List of FY2022 Inter-University Research Program (International)

国際 共同利用研究

Neutrino and Astroparticle Research Division

Ref. NumberAffiliationDepartmentJob TitlePrincipal InvestigatorResearch ProposalNew/Ongoing
A1Sungkyunkwan UniversityDepartment of PhysicsProfessorYU INTAELight scattering measurement in the water using the Super-Kamiokande detectorOngoing
A2Gwangju Institute of Science and TechnologyDepartment of Physics and Photon ScienceLecturerJang Jee-seungSearch for the nucleon decay including multi pions in Super-KamiokandeOngoing
A3TRIUMFPhysical SciencesAssistant professorde Perio PatrickNew Photogrammetry Calibration for Super-Kamiokande and Hyper-KamiokandeOngoing
A4ILANCE Laboratory ProfessorGonin MichelStudy of supernova neutrinos in Super-KamiokandeOngoing
A5University Autonoma MadridDepto. Theoretical PhysicsProfessorLabarga LuisData Taking, Calibrations, Measurements and Analysis with Super-Kamiokande I – VIOngoing
B1University Autonoma MadridDepto. Theoretical PhysicsProfessorLabarga LuisDevelopment and testing of cost-effective, high-performance PhotoDetector anti-implosion covers for Hyper-KamiokandeOngoing
B2King’s College LondonFaculty of Natural, Mathematical and Engineering SciencesResearcherZsoldos StephaneHyper-Kamiokande OD PMTs QANew
B3The Charles University in Prague ResearcherRuggeri AlanSeal, mechanical and functional tests on the mPMT prototype for external vessel optimizzationsOngoing
B4University of BirminghamSchool of Physics and AstronomyProfessorNikolopoulos KonstantinosTowards a multiphysics liquid Xe TPC with scintillation and charge multiplication readoutsOngoing

High Energy Cosmic Ray Research Division

Ref. NumberAffiliationDepartmentJob TitlePrincipal InvestigatorResearch ProposalNew/Ongoing
C1Academia Sinica ProfessorSadakazu HainoNeutrino Telescope Array (NTA) Prototype Test and Technical DesignNew
F1Institute for Nuclear Research of the Russian Academy of Sciences Deputy directorRubtsov GrigoryUltra-high-energy cosmic-ray origin studies with the Telescope Array and TAx4 surface detectorOngoing
F2Sungkyunkwan University (SKKU)PhysicsProfessorPARK ILStudy of Anisotropy of Ultra High Energy Cosmic Rays with Telescope Array and TAx4Ongoing
F3National Tsing Hua UniversityDepartment of PhysicsResearcherOwen EllisUnderstanding the GeV-TeV signatures of star-forming galaxies in the extragalactic gamma-ray background with CTAOngoing
F4National Astronomical Observatories of China ProfessorDing ChenStudy of high-energy cosmic  rays at a high altitude in Tibet, ChinaOngoing
F5Universidad Mayor de San AndrésInstituto de Investigaciones FísicasProfessorMiranda PedroStudy for Galactic CR origin using the ALPACA air shower array in BoliviaOngoing
F6Universidad de GuadalajaraDepartamento de FisicaResearcherde la Fuente Acosta EduardoConstraining the nature of the emission in PeVatrons observed by Alpaca.New
F7Academia SinicaHigh-Energy Theory Group (HETG)Assistant professorFedynitch AnatoliBayesian analysis on the origin of ultra-high energy cosmic ray events collected by the telescope array experimentNew

Astrophysics and Gravity Research Division

Ref. NumberAffiliationDepartmentJob TitlePrincipal InvestigatorResearch ProposalNew/Ongoing
G1Università di CamerinoSchool of Science and TechnologiesResearcherTravasso FlavioSilicon steering stage for monolithic suspension for cryogenic detectors of gravitational wavesOngoing
G2National Tsing Hua University ProfessorLee Ray-KuangFilter cavity experiments for the frequency dependent squeezed light for KAGRAOngoing
G3Cardiff University LecturerKeiko KokeyamaMeasuring the birefringence of the sapphire mirrors installed in the KAGRA detectorNew

Research Center for Cosmic Neutrinos(RCCN)

Ref. NumberAffiliationDepartmentJob TitlePrincipal InvestigatorResearch ProposalNew/Ongoing
I1TRIUMFPhysical SciencesAssistant professorde Perio PatrickWater quality monitoring for precision neutrino detectorsNew
I2TRIUMFPhysical SciencesAssistant professorde Perio PatrickPressure Validation and Characterization of Underwater Detector ComponentsNew
J1University of SevilleDepartment of Atomic, Molecular and Nuclear PhysicsResearcherGuillermo MegiasConstraining systematics at T2K and SuperKamiokande oscillation analyses using neutrino-nucleus interaction modelsOngoing