“Design and Optimization of the SiPM Array for Event Reconstruction in the DARWIN Experiment” / Marta Ewelina Babicz (U. Zurich)


番号R5-4 /  IPMU/ILANCE/ICRR joint seminar
日時2023年7月5日(水) 13:30-
場所IPMU, Seminar A (1F) and Zoom  https://ipmu.zoom.us/j/92044029378
講演者Marta Ewelina Babicz (U. Zurich)
タイトル“Design and Optimization of the SiPM Array for Event Reconstruction in the DARWIN Experiment”
概要The DARWIN experiment is a facility that aims to detect dark matter via liquid xenon technology. To study challenges related to constructing and operating a multi-tonne scale detector, a vertical, full-scale demonstrator for the DARWIN experiment (Xenonscope) has been constructed at the University of Zurich. It is equipped with a double-walled stainless steel cryostat that can house up to 400kg of LXe. The facility includes a gas purification system, a cooling tower with a pulse tube refrigerator, and a slow control system for overseeing and sending alarms on relevant parameters. In the next phase of the project, a 2.6 m two-phase TPC will be added to demonstrate the drift of electrons in LXe over a long distance. One of the key features of Xenoscope is its SiPM array, which provides high sensitivity and resolution for detecting light signals from physical events. This seminar will focus on the design, optimization, and performance of the SiPM array in Xenoscope, including its readout electronics and deep learning algorithms for accurate event reconstruction.