“Ultra-high-energy cosmic rays – status and perspective” / Hiroyuki Sagawa (ICRR)


番号R4-13 /  ICRR Seminar (佐川教授のご退職前の最終講義です)
日時2023年3月30日(木) 15:30-
場所ICRR large seminar room (601) and Zoom https://u-tokyo-ac-jp.zoom.us/j/87034284601?pwd=ZXFlNzFtcFE2Q0FqaUVWMUJQT2ZJdz09
講演者Hiroyuki Sagawa (ICRR)
タイトル“Ultra-high-energy cosmic rays – status and perspective”
概要The Telescope Array (TA) experiment in the Northern Hemisphere and the Pierre Auger Observatory (Auger) in the Southern Hemisphere have been conducting observations to reveal the origin of ultra-high-energy cosmic rays. Here the recent results on spectrum, composition, and anisotropy of ultra-high-energy cosmic rays (UHECRs) obtained mainly by the TA experiment, together with the results from Auger, will be presented. Prospects for future UHECR observations will also be discussed.