“Improving observations with Cherenkov telescopes: SiPM cameras and image corrections for cloud presence” / Dr. Julian Sitarek (University of Lodz Poland)


整理番号R4-11 /  ILANCE, IPMU, ICRRによる合同セミナー
 日時2023年2月1日(水) 15:30-
 場所 ICRR large seminar room (6F) and Zoom https://u-tokyo-ac-jp.zoom.us/j/87034284601?pwd=ZXFlNzFtcFE2Q0FqaUVWMUJQT2ZJdz09
 講師Dr. Julian Sitarek (University of Lodz Poland)
 題名“Improving observations with Cherenkov telescopes: SiPM cameras and image corrections for cloud presence”
 概要などIn this seminar we will discuss possible hardware and analysis improvements to the existing installations of Cherenkov telescopes. In the first part the possible upgrade of a camera from photomultiplier-based to SiPM-based for a 17-m class MAGIC-like telescope will be presented. Performance gain of such an upgrade will be discussed and the possibility to use wavelength filters to limit the enhanced night sky background will be evaluated. In the second part we will discuss methods to correct the systematic uncertainties induced by cloud presence during observations with Cherenkov telescopes, putting focus on avoiding dedicated time-consuming simulations for each separate cloud condition. On the one hand we will cover the typical event-wise correction method estimating a bias of the energy estimation. On the other hand we will show a novel idea of correcting already the images.