“Neutrinos and beyond with the LHC’s forward beam” / Prof. Akitaka Ariga(Chiba University and University of Bern [Switzerland])


 日時 2022年6月8日(水) 15:30-17:00
 場所Hybrid style using the large seminar room (up to 15 persons) and Zoom
Zoom URL: https://u-tokyo-ac-jp.zoom.us/j/87034284601?pwd=ZXFlNzFtcFE2Q0FqaUVWMUJQT2ZJdz09
 講師Prof. Akitaka Ariga
Chiba University and University of Bern (Switzerland)
 題名“Neutrinos and beyond with the LHC’s forward beam”
 概要などLHC-FASER is a new experiment at CERN, that aims to study of neutrinos at unexplored energies and also search for new long-lived particles. The detector has been located in the forward direction of the proton-proton collisions, 480 m away. The neutrino detector, called FASERnu, is sensitive to three-flavor neutrinos and also charm and beauty particles. During Run 3 of the LHC operation (2022-2025) we expect 1700 nue, 6000 numu, and 40 nutau CC interactions at the TeV energy scale. FASERnu seeks new physics effects in neutrino scattering, and provide relevant information to QCD and cosmic-ray physics. The FASER spectrometer/tracker are designed to detect dark sector particles, in particular dark photon decaying to two fermions. An upgrade for axion-like particles (ALPs) detection is also planned in the near future. The data taking is just starting in these months. In this seminar, the status and prospect of the FASER experiment will be presented, together with a short overview of the future project at the HL-LHC.