Public Invitation for ICRR’s FY2023 Inter-University Research Program (for International Applicants) 


Dear ICRR Inter-University Research Program applicants,

Since FY2022, the ICRR Inter-University Research Program has accepted applications through the Inter-University Research Program Online Application System. The application documents are available on the system.

Samples in pdf format can be found here, but application forms must be submitted through the online system. Supplementary forms after the approval of the projects are available below.

The deadline for the fiscal year 2023’s application falls on Tuesday, January 10, 2023. We encourage prospective applicants to complete the new user registration on the Web System at least a week before the deadline. For your information, the user registration is available all year round.

To access ICRR Inter-University Web Application System, please click the black banner below:

(Supplementary formats)

  1. Form 5    Inter-University Research Program Consent Form
  2. Form 6    Permission to add participating researchers and research assistants
  3. Form 7 Request to change expense usage breakdown
  4. Form 8 Research Result Report