[March 25-26, 2024] Workshop II SYNERGIES AT NEW FRONTIERS


This is the second edition of the workshop series “Synergies at new frontiers at gamma-rays, neutrinos and gravitational waves”, which started in 2022 with the aim of strengthening synergies between different multi-messenger windows of the highly-energetic Universe. This time the workshop will focus on the available alert systems which have been developed by the astrophysics community and on the results of multi-messenger sources.

Main topics of the workshop are:
・Multi-messenger astrophysics.
・Multi-wavelength astrophysics.
・Real-time alert systems.
・High and Very-High energy emission from transients.
・X-ray emission from binary systems.
・Gravitational wave detection.
・Neutrino detection.

For more information and to register, please visit the event webpage: https://indico.icrr.u-tokyo.ac.jp/event/951/overview

Also, please forward this information to any interested colleagues.


We are delighted to invite you to participate in our workshop with the title “II Synergies at new frontiers”. It will take place March 25-26, 2024.

SCIENTIFIC RATIONALE: Discoveries of high-energy cosmic neutrinos and gravitational waves from astrophysical objects have led to the new era of multi-messenger astrophysics. Observatories and experiments are now more than ever able to observe the sky in different energy ranges and with different messengers. Each class of messengers — photons, neutrinos, cosmic-rays, and gravitational waves — provides distinct and valuable information of the most violent phenomena in the Universe. Only with multi-messenger astronomy we will be able to fully unveil the mechanisms at operation in different galactic and extragalactic sources.

The aim of this workshop is to know how different alerting systems work and the real-time processing of data by different experiments, to improve source detections in a multi-messenger context.

The following invited speakers are confirmed:
● Katsuaki Asano (ICRR)
● Susumu Inoue (ICRR) *to be confirmed
● Kazumi Kashiyama (Tohoku University)
● Dmitry Khangulyan (ICRR)
● Yusuke Koshio (Okayama University)
● Lluis Martí-Magro (Yokohama National University)
● Soichiro Morisaki (ICRR)
● Koji Noda (Chiba University)
● Takanori Sakamoto (Aoyama Gakuin University)
● Fabian Schüssler (IRFU / CEA Paris-Saclay)
● Nozomu Tominaga (National Astronomical Observatory of Japan)
● Mark Vagins (IPMU)

REGISTRATION: For registration and information please proceed to https://indico.icrr.u-tokyo.ac.jp/event/951/registrations/54/

There is no conference fee. No remote participation is possible. Furthermore, we are happily accepting contributed talks. If you are interested in presenting a related work, please submit your abstract to the above indico until February 28. We encourage young people to participate.

The deadline for registration is *March 22 2024, 23:59 UTC*.
We are looking forward to you in Kashiwa!

On behalf of the Scientific Organizing Committee:
Nataly Ospina (UAM)
Daniela Hadasch (ICRR)
Alicia López-Oramas (IAC)
Menjo Hiroaki (Nagoya University)
Kyohei Kawaguchi (ICRR)
Hidetoshi Kubo (ICRR)
Lluis Marti Magro (YNU)
Daniel Mazin  (ICRR)
Kimihiro Okumura (ICRR)
Hideyuki Tagoshi (ICRR)
Masahiro Teshima (ICRR)

Midori Sugahara (ICRR, secretary)
Daniela Hadasch (ICRR)
Alicia López-Oramas (IAC)
Nataly Ospina (UAM)
Joshua Baxter (ICRR)
Takumi Itokawa (ICRR)
Hidetoshi Kubo (ICRR)
Takayuki Saito (ICRR)
Marcel Strzys (ICRR)
Ryuji Takeishi (ICRR)
Ievgen Vovk (ICRR)
Paul Yeung (ICRR)

This workshop is supported by the grant for ICRR’s Fiscal Year 2023 Inter-University Research Program (PI: N. Ospina).