KAGRA Observatory


KAGRA Observatory is located in Gifu prefecture, Japan. The observatory was established in 2016 to operate KAGRA gravitational-wave telescope, which is a 3 km laser interferometer with cryogenic sapphire mirrors, located 200 m underground site in Mt. Ikenoyama.

KAGRA had the initial interferometer operation in March-April 2016 and plan to begin operating the interferometer with cryogenic mirrors by the end of JFY 2017, and the full operation in 2019. We are looking forward to seeing the signals of gravitational waves and promoting the gravitational wave astronomy. KAGRA will contribute to the new field of gravitational wave astronomy because of its high sensitivity due to underground site and cryogenic mirrors. KAGRA is particularly suited to study gravitational wave signals below about 100 Hz, where many signals from mergers of black hole binaries are expected, as observed by LIGO.

In addition to the merger of black hole binaries, there are many astronomical objects to be studied with gravitational waves. For example, we want to detect a birth of a black hole created by a coalescence of binary neutron stars, and to resolve the mystery of short gamma ray bursts with the other gravitational wave detectors and with the counterpart astronomical observatories using various observation channels such as neutrinos and electromagnetic waves.


Address : 238 Higashi-Mozumi, Kamioka-cho, Hida-shi,
Gifu Prefecture 506-1205 Japan
TEL : 0578-85-2343 FAX : 0578-85-2346
Land : 39,327 m2 Building : 444 m2
Altitude : 350 m


TOYAMA Sta. → JR Takayama Line (50 min.) → INOTANI Sta.→Bus (10 min.)→MOZUMI Bus Stop
→Walk (5 min.)