〈Online Cosmic Cafe : October 23, 2021〉My Research Experience in ICRR

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〈Online Cosmic Cafe : October 23, 2021〉My Research Experience in ICRR

The Cosmic Cafe will be held online on October 23, 2021 during the Kashiwa Campus Open Day, featuring young researchers belongs to ICRR, who are mainly 'ICRR Fellow' position. They make presentation on their research, personal history and so on.
This Year 2021, we asked two foreign researchers who are doing research in Kashiwa Campus. The first speaker is Dr. Yuhang ZHAO from China, who belongs to Gravitational Wave Group. And Dr. Marcel STRZYS from Germany who belongs to High Energy Gamma Ray Group is the second.
They will make presentation online and answer questions from audience with help of Japanese native colleagues from their research group.
(Both Presentations are in English, but moderators will facilitate in Japanese. )

〈Online Cosmic Cafe : October 23, 2021〉My Research Experience in ICRR

Dr. Yuhang ZHAO / Project Researcher (ICRR Fellow)

Yuhang comes from an industrial city ‘Shenyang’ located in the north east of China. I started doing research on Gravitational wave experiment after entering Beijing Normal University in 2014. Concurrently, I became a visiting student in ICRR and worked on the detection of crackling noise in gravitational wave detector KAGRA. Since 2017, supported by MEXT scholarship, I had been studying in the Graduated University of advanced studies, SOKENDAI and working on the reduction of quantum noise for KAGRA by using frequency dependent squeezing. After obtaining Ph.D. degree, I had worked in NAOJ and came to ICRR since this April.

Working in a worldwide collaboration is an excellent experience, which taught me how to make effective communication and form synergy to achieve big scientific goals. In addition, working with all scientists on challenging scientific topics and solving problems with everybody’s knowledge are extremely beneficial for improving my skills, abilities, and experience.

I like running and hiking with the beautiful view of trees, flowers, people, and buildings. I also like hot drinks, such as green tea, mugicha, sencha, and coffee.

〈Online Cosmic Cafe : October 23, 2021〉My Research Experience in ICRR

Dr. Marcel STRYZS / Project Researcher (ICRR Fellow)

My name is Marcel Strzys. I am from the small city of Iserlohn in the west of Germany, about 1h drive east from Duesseldorf. For my undergraduate studies I attended the Dortmund University of Technology, where I had the opportunity to visit ICRR for 6 months in Oct. 2011. I really enjoyed my stay and thus was very happy that I could return after obtaining my PhD degree in 2020 at the Ludwig-Maximilians University of Munich and the Max-Planck-Institute for Physics.

I am currently an ICRR postdoctoral fellow with the Chrenkov gamma-ray group.
At the ICRR I am working on the analysis of data from the telescopes on the canary island of La Palma, Spain, which the ICRR operates with partners from Europe. I am mainly working on the analysis of the sky images which involves programming and statistics. My research focus on the very high energetic light from so-called supernova remnants, the shock wave from exploded stars. They are considered to be the origin of the cosmic rays filling the universe and give our institute its name.

In my free time I enjoy hiking and since recently Japanese archery, Kyudo.