The 6th International Workshop on Very High Energy Particle Astronomy
- Connection between Wide Field Survey and Cosmic Ray Observation -
Date:March 15-17 2007
Location:SUBARU Hilo Base in UH Science Park [Map and Hotels]
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Poster:Available in [GIF] and [PDF]
Photos:Pictures during the conference [LINK]

Supported by Univ.Tokyo COE21 Program "Symmetries in Extreme Quantum Systems" and The Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research on Priority Areas, "Research for Dark Energy using Galaxy Distribution".

Mar 15 2007
15:00-15:15 (15 min)WelcomeNaoshi Sugiyama (Nagoya Univ.)
Session 1: Optical Afterglow Observation
15:15-16:05 (40+10 min)Properties of X-Ray Afterglows of Gamma-Ray Bursts [PDF]Rie Sato (Tokyo Inst. Tech.)
16:05-16:55 (40+10 min)Subaru Observations of GRB Afterglows [PDF]Kentaro Aoki (SUBARU, NAOJ)
16:55-17:35 (30+10 min)Gamma Ray Bursts: Observational Frontiers [PDF]Paul Price (IfA, Univ. Hawaii)
17:35-18:15 (30+10 min)SUBARU Laser Guide Star AO System [PDF]Hideki Takami (SUBARU, NAOJ)

Mar 16 2007
Session 2: Cosmic Ray and New Tide of Astronomy
09:00-09:50 (40+10 min)Recent Topics on Gamma-Ray Bursts [PDF]Tomonori Totani (Univ. Kyoto)
09:50-10:40 (40+10 min)Extremely/Ultra High Energy Cosmic Rays and the High Resolution Fly's Eye (HiRes) Experiment [PDF]Charles Jui (Univ. Utah)
10:40-11:20 (30+10 min)Pan-STARRS and the Search for UHECR Sources [PDF]William Burgett (IfA, Univ. Hawaii)
11:20-12:10 (40+10 min)AMiBA [PDF]Ming-Tang Chen (ASIAA)
Session 3: Neutrino
13:30-14:20 (40+10 min)A Deep Ocean Anti-Neutrino Observatory [PDF]John Learned (Univ. Hawaii, Manoa)
14:20-15:10 (40+10 min)Current Status of the ANITA Experiment [PDF]Shige Matsuno (Univ. Hawaii, Manoa)
Coffee Break
15:10-15:30Coffee Break
Session 4: New Instruments
15:30-16:10 (30+10 min)Imaging Lidar Remote Sensing [PDF]Hiroaki Kuze (CeRes, Chiba Univ.)
16:10-16:50 (30+10 min)Hyper Suprime-Cam [PDF]Satoshi Miyazaki (SUBARU, NAOJ)
16:50-17:15 (20+5 min)Ashra Potentials (optical-CR connection) [PDF]Makoto Sasaki (ICRR, Univ. Tokyo)
Main Features of Ashra Image Pipeline [PDF]Tsutomu Chonan (ICRR, Univ. Tokyo)
17:25-17:45 (15+5 min)Construction Status of Ashra [PDF]John Hamilton (Univ. Hawaii, Hilo)
17:45-18:00 (15 min)Concluding RemarkJohn Learned (Univ. Hawaii, Manoa)

Mar 17 2007
Mauna Loa and Mauna Kea Tour (We strongly recommend you to dress warmly. It is cold on the mountains.)
08:00-10:00Hilo to Mauna Loa
10:00-11:00Visiting Ashra Mauna Loa Site
11:00-12:30Mauna Loa to Hale Pohaku
12:30-13:30Lunch at Hale Pohaku
13:30-14:00Hale Pohaku to SUBARU
14:00-15:00Visiting SUBARU Telescope
15:00-17:00SUBARU to Hilo
Ashra Meeting
18:00-Ashra Meeting (Dinner)