ICRR External Review Meeting held on January 16-18


ICRR held its forth External Review Meeting on January 16-18, 2013 to assess its research activities conducted during 2006-2012 period. External Review Committee for ICRR has been organized every six years since 1994.

The prime agendas of the ICRR External Review Meeting are:
(1) to give oversight to the institute’s scientific activities between 2006 and 2012, whether they meet the international scientific standard and have given sufficient impacts to the community,
(2) to assess the scientific merits of individual research activities and make recommendations about future support,
(3) to assess technical competence of the proponents and feasibility of the R&D experiments or projects, and
(4) to assess the Institute’s policy and its role in the scientific community.

The meeting consisted of open sessions where each experimental and research project leaders presented their research achievements and future plans, and closed sessions where committee members held thorough discussions with ICRR researchers.

During the lunches and coffee breaks, many graduate students and young researchers at ICRR joined the committee members to discuss their research activities.

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