Prof. Masato Shiozawa of ICRR to be awarded the Totsuka Memorial Prize


On February 17, 2015, Heisei Foundation for Basic Science announced that Totsuka Memorial Prize will be awarded to Prof. Masato Shiozawa of ICRR, together with Prof. Takashi Kobayashi of KEK and Prof. Tsuyoshi Nakaya of Kyoto University, for their world’s first observation of electron neutrino appearance in an accelerator muon neutrino beam.

The Super-Kamiokande Experiment has previously discovered two of the large mixing angles, θ23 and θ12, of three types of neutrino oscillations via observation of solar neutrinos and atmospheric neutrinos. The long baseline neutrino oscillation experiment, T2K, discovered that the remaining mixing angle θ13 has a finite value through the detection of electron neutrino appearance in a muon neutrino beam. The award ceremony will take place on March 21, 2015, at Koshiba Hall on the University of Tokyo campus.

Prof. Shiozawa became an Research Assistant at ICRR and received his PhD from the University of Tokyo in 2000. He then assumed a position as an Assistant Professor at ICRR in 2004, an Associate Professor in 2007, and a Professor in 2014. Prof. Shiozawa conducts Super-Kamiokande Experiment and T2K Experiment, as well as leading the Hyoer-Kamiokande group.

Heisei Foundation for Basic Science