【January 18-20, 2021】On-line + On-site workshop“Black Hole Astrophysics with VLBI: Multi-Wavelength and Multi-Messenger Era”


“Black Hole Astrophysics with VLBI: Multi-Wavelength and Multi-Messenger Era”
On-line + On-site workshop (On-site: Large Seminar Room, Institute for Cosmic Ray Research, The University of Tokyo)
Website: http://www.icrr.u-tokyo.ac.jp/hea/conference210118.html
2021 January 18 (Mon) – 20 (Wed)

1st circular


The detection of the black hole shadow in M87 by the Event Horizon
Telescope (EHT) observations provided us powerful evidence of the presence of supermassive black holes. The big and fundamental questions, however, still remain: the magnitude and orientation of the black hole spin, physics of accretion flows, formation mechanism of relativistic jets, cosmic-ray acceleration, and associated gamma-ray and neutrino emission, etc. In order to address these key questions, the VLBI observations with higher resolution and the multi-wavelength/multi-messenger observation will be strong tools.

The workshop will bring researchers working on observation and
theory/simulations  to discuss our present understanding and key questions towards the future of the spacetime of black holes, the physics of
accretion flow, jets, winds, and the related high energy phenomena around
compact objects.

Due to the situation of the COVID-19, the workshop will be a hybrid-type
(i.e., on-line and on-site, simultaneously). All of the talks and the posters are given by on-line, and participants can also join the workshop on-cite if they hope (but the number of on-site-participants is limited because of the social distancing rule).

This workshop is supported by the Collaborative research program of the
Institute for Cosmic Ray Research, the University of Tokyo.

Invited speakers: Key words

K. Asada (ASIAA): GLT, EAVN-high, and next generation EHT

I. Cho (KASI): EAVN observation of Sgr A*

K. Hada (NAOJ/Mizusawa):   Multiwavelength observation of M87

M. Hoshino (U of Tokyo) : PIC simulations in accretion flows

M. Giroletti (INAF): Observation of transient events with VLBI”

K. Hotokezaka (U of Tokyo): Theory of EM counterpart of GW events

A. Levinson (Tel Aviv U): General relativistic PIC simulations

M. Machida (NAOJ): MHD simulations of radiatively inefficient accretion flows

K. Murase (Penn State U/Kyoto U):  multi-messenger study on AGNs (theory)

H. Nagai (NAOJ):  ALMA and ngVLA

H. Noda (Osaka U):  XRISM & synergy between X-ray and EHT observation

D. Paneque (MPP): VHE gamma-ray, multi-messenger study on AGNs (observation)

J. Park (ASIAA): Observation of polarized radio emission in M87

H-Y. Pu (NTNU): Models of jets & accretion flows, and GRRT calculations

H. R. Takahashi (Komazawa U): General relativistic radiation MHD simulations

M. Teshima (ICRR/MPP):  CTA and astroparticle physics

S. Trippe (SNU): KVN observation of AGNs with polarized emission


It is open now:

Abstract submission deadline: December 7, 2020

Registration deadline: January 8, 2021

Organizing Committees

SOC: T. Kawashima (ICRR, U of Tokyo, chair), M. Kino (Kogakuin U/NAOJ), K.Hada (NAOJ Mizusawa VLBI), K. Toma (Tohoku U), K. Kawaguchi (ICRR, U of Tokyo)
LOC: K. Kawaguchi (chair), T. Kinugawa, K. Asano (ICRR, U of Tokyo)