Associate Professor Masami Ouchi selected as the 2013 Extragalactic Tinsley Scholar


Masami Ouchi, associate professor of physics at ICRR, has been selected to be the 2013 extragalactic Tinsley Scholar.

The Beatrice M. Tinsley Research Scholar award is designed to recognize bright and active scientists in the field of astronomy or astrophysics. The awardee is expected to visit the Department of Astronomy at University of Texas, Austin, to interact with the scientists of the field.

Dr. Ouchi, who leads the Observational Cosmology group at ICRR, specializes in observational techniques, pursuing exploration programs aimed at uncovering the most distant galaxies yet to be seen and understanding cosmological events in the early universe.

Dr. Ouchi will give a colloquium lecture on March 19 and a seminar talk on March 21 at University of Texas. He will also join conversation with students and staff at the department during his stay.

Link: Observational Cosmology Group