【Topics】ICRR’s Virtual Reality contents Released


ICRR starts providing the Virtual Reality content which allows you to explore our experimental facilities located in the Kamioka Mine, Gifu Pref. You can visit “Super-Kamiokande”, the world’s largest underground neutrino detector, “XMASS”, the detector aiming to directly detect dark matter, and “KAGRA”, the large-scale cryogenic gravitational wave telescope with this content.


– 360 panoramic view as if you were surrounded by picture
– Explore the facilities in the mine and feel them as real
– 15 shooting points each, for Super-Kamiokande and XMASS, and for KAGRA
– Explanations with pictures and movie available at spots icon of camera appears
– Gyro mode for smart phones and tablet PCs makes you feel as if you were in there