Multi-messanger Astrophysics of compact binary and core collapse: Dr. Kenta Hotokezaka (RESCEU)

ICRR Seminar

 Date PM15:30-17:00, November 27, 2020
 Speaker Dr. Kenta Hotokezaka (RESCEU)
 Title“Multi-messanger Astrophysics of compact binary and core collapse”
 AbstractMulti-messanger astrophysics has grown since the discovery of neutrinos from SN 1987A. Recently, a big step forward in this field has occurred by the first detection of gravitational waves, GW150914 and the first simultaneous detection of gravitational-wave and electromagnetic signals from a binary neutron star merger GW170817. In this talk, I’ll give an overview of what we learned from the multi-messanger signals of GW170817 including the neutron star equation of state, r-process nucleosynthesis, as well as the Hubble constant. I’ll also talk about a recent progress on the modelings of r-process kilonovae. Finally, I’ll discuss neutrino shock acceleration in core collapse, which efficiently produces mu and tau neutrinos at 100 MeV. Detecting such signals will bring us valuable information about the nature of core collapse.