“Physics beyond the Standard Model with IceCube” / Anna Pollmann (Chiba University)

ICRR Seminar

NumberR6-1 /  IPMU/ILANCE/ICRR joint seminar
Date&Time13:30-15:30, Wed., 5 June, 2024
Place IPMU, Seminar Room A (1F)
SperkerAnna Pollmann (Chiba University)
Title“Physics beyond the Standard Model with IceCube”
Abstract The IceCube neutrino observatory is a neutrino telescope situated near the South Pole in Antarctica. A cubic kilometer of ice is instrumented with optical modules sensitive to photons. When high energetic particles produce light in interactions with the ice, the signature can be recorded and used for reconstruction of the primary particle.
The design of IceCube not only facilitates the detection of astrophysical neutrinos up to PeV energies but also the direct and indirect probe of physics beyond the Standard Model with leading sensitivities. Exotic particles which can penetrate through the ice sheet or even the entire Earth can be measured directly, these include magnetic monopoles, Q-Balls, or partially charged particles. Dark matter is indirectly searched for by investigating its effect on neutrino spectra as well as arrival directions.
At Chiba University we use the particle physics capabilities of the IceCube detector for the measurement of the neutrino cross section, identification of tau-neutrinos, and for the direct search of exotic particles. I will give details of the local research and present the most important results of IceCube in regards of particle physics incl. beyond Standard Model physics.