“Looking Back on My Research Activities in ICRR” / Takaaki KAJITA (ICRR Prof.)

ICRR Seminar

We will have a final lecture of Prof. Kajita on 27 March as detailed below. The lecture will be given in Japanese. Note that Kajita-san will continue research works at ICRR as a Distinguished University Professor even after April.

NumberR5-13 /  IPMU/ICRR joint seminar (Final lecture of Prof. Kajita)
Date&Time Wed, 27 March, 2024, 15:00- 
PlaceYouTube URL https://youtube.com/live/dl2kR8uYRzg?feature=share
SpeakerTakaaki KAJITA (ICRR Prof.)
Title“Looking Back on My Research Activities in ICRR”