【August 8, 2023】”Rosolving DAMA” / Reina Maruyama (Yale University)

ICRR Seminar

NemberR5-7 /  IPMU/ILANCE/ICRR joint seminar
Date&TimeAugust 8, 2023. Tue, 15:30-
PlaceIPMU Seminar A + Zoom https://ipmu.zoom.us/j/98703866268
SpeakerReina Maruyama (Yale University)
Title“Resolving DAMA”
AbstractSince the DAMA collaboration first made their claim for detection of dark matter in the late ‘90s, there have been many speculations as to sources of their annual modulation signal. Since then, many of the hypotheses have been ruled out. In addition, direct detection dark matter experiments using various target medium, including those that use the same target of NaI(Tl), have ruled out dark matter as the source of the annual modulation observed in DAMA/NaI and DAMA/LIBRA. I will discuss the status of the ongoing efforts and summarize the status of the field.