Prof. Dr. Masahiro TeshimA


Personal Data

Date of birth: Feb 9, 1958

Place of birth:Tottori, Japan


Research Careers

2010 -         Professor, Institute for Cosmic Ray Research (ICRR), Univ of Tokyo, Japan

2003 -         Director, Professor, Max-Planck-Institute for Physics, Germany

1998 - 2002 Director Akeno Observatory, ICRR, University of Tokyo, Japan

1989 - 2002 Associate Professor, ICRR, University of Tokyo, Japan

1987 - 1989 Assistant Professor, Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan

1986 - 1987 Postdoc fellow, ICRR, University of Tokyo, Japan

Academic Careers

1986           PhD Kyoto University, Japan (Physics)

1983           M. Sc. Kyoto University, Kyoto, Japan (Physics)

1981           B. Sc. Kyoto University, Kyoto, Japan (Physics)

Honors & Awards

1993 Shakti P.Duggal Award at 23rd International Cosmic Ray Conference, Calgary, Canada

Research: Study of Ultra High Energy Cosmic Rays

1998 - 2004 Spokesperson of the AGASA Collaboration

1991 - 1998 Co-Spokesperson of the AGASA Collaboration

1993           Discovery of the Super-GZK event

1987 - 1991 Extension of AGASA to a 100km2 area.

1981 - 1986 Prototyping the Akeno Giant Air Shower Array (AGASA).

Research: New Detector Developments/ New Projects

2005             Submit Proposal of CTA to ESFRI (with W. Hofmann)

2003 -           Development of the new generation photon detector (SiPM)

1994 - 1996   Observation of UHECRs by Air Fluorescence technique with MAPMT

1991 - 1994   Development of MAPMT with Hamamatsu photonics

1991             Submit Proposal of UHE / VHE Telescope Array

1987             Submit Proposal of JANZOS TeV Cherenkov Telescopes

Research: Very High Energy Gamma Ray Astronomy

2010-          Project Manager of the CTA-LST construction

2009-          Co-spokesperson of CTA-Japan

2009-          Chair of the MAGIC Collaboration Board

2005-2009  Spokesperson of the MAGIC collaboration

2004-2005  Chair of the MAGIC Collaboration Board

2005-2009  MAGIC-II Project; Construction of the second 17m diameter telescope.

2003-          MAGIC Project (In La Palma, Canary Islands)

                    The first 17m diameter telescope.

1991-1999  Spokesperson of Telescope Array Project

1991-1999  Telescope Array Project (In Utah, USA); Prototyping 7 VHE Telescopes

1987-1990  JANZOS experiment (In New Zealand);

                    Study of Gamma-Ray emissions from SN1987A


Curriculum Vitae --- Prof.Dr. Masahiro Teshima