26-30 October 2015
Asia/Tokyo timezone
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Contribution Oral presentation

Gamma-ray Astrophysics

Recent observations of Active Galactic Nuclei with H.E.S.S.


  • Dr. Robert WAGNER

Primary authors

Abstract content

By upgrading the H.E.S.S. array of Imaging Atmospheric Cherenkov Telescopes with a fifth, 28-m diameter telescope, the sensitivity of H.E.S.S. towards low gamma-ray energies has been extended to energies below 100 GeV. This allows studies particularly of distant Active Galactic Nuclei (AGN) with soft gamma-ray spectra. Results of observations with the five-telescope array will be discussed, including the low-energy view of H.E.S.S. on the blazar-type AGN PKS 2155-304 and PG 1553+113. We also will discuss how low-energy AGN observations will improve our insights on radiation mechanisms in blazars, on the extragalactic background light, but also on fundamental physics topics.