About Norikura Observatory

Norikura Observatory, founded in 1953 and attached to ICRR in 1976, is located at 2,770 m above sea level. This observatory provides facilities necessary for preparing for and carrying out cosmic ray experiments at a high altitude throughout the year. Facilities such as accommodations and experimental rooms are made available to all qualified scientists in Japan. Stable electric AC power generated by three dynamos can be supplied anywhere in the observatory except for the winter season. Six technical staff members now work in shifts to maintain these facilities. Access to this observatory is easy by car or public bus in summer. The research projects to be executed here are adopted by a steering committee of ICRR every year. At present, the following branches of cosmic ray research are being studied using the facilities at this observatory:

    • ◊ Study of energetic solar neutrons.
    • ◊ Study of high-energy cosmic ray modulation and other topics in interplanetary and interstellar space.
    • ◊ Various kinds of short-term experiments.

Norikura Observatory celebrated the 50th anniversary of its foundation in September 2003 in Nagano.