Erina Kusano

Master of Saitama-University

Experimental study of the highest energy cosmic rays. I have joined the air shower division's projects of AGASA and Telescope Array.


astro-ph/9807405 [ps(750MB), ps.gz(85MB)]:

The Anisotropy of Cosmic Ray Arrival Directions around 10**18eV

Anisotropy in the arrival directions of cosmic rays with energies above 10**17eV is studied using data from the Akeno 20 km**2 array and the Akeno Giant Air Shower Array (AGASA), using a total of about 114,000 showers observed over 11 years. In the first harmonic analysis, we have found strong anisotropy of 4% around 10**18eV, corresponding to a chance probability of 0.2% after taking the number of independent trials into account. With two dimensional analysis in right ascension and declination, this anisotropy is interpreted as an excess of showers near the directions of the Galactic Center and the Cygnus region.