Dr. Shigeyuki Sako (Institute of Astronomy, U. Tokyo)
"The Tomo-e Gozen project"
Tomo-e Gozen is an optical survey project with a wide-field mosaic CMOS camera on the 1.0-m Schmidt telescope at Kiso Observatory, the University of Tokyo. The Tomo-e Gozen camera is capable to obtain consecutive frames of 20 square degree sky with 2 fps (max) by using 84 chips of 1k x 2k CMOS imaging sensors. High-cadence northern sky survey with 40,000 square degrees will start from Apr. 2019 to detect transient phenomena of supernovae, AGNs, stellar flares, black hole binaries, pulsars, magnetars, exoplanets, trans-Neptunian objects, asteroid bursts, near earth objects, and meteors. When getting alerts of gravitational wave and neutrino detections, the Tomo-e Gozen camera will follow-up sky areas in their localization maps. The survey observations produce movie data of 20 TBytes/night. Transient phenomena are mined from the big-data by an on-the-fly processing software with AI technologies on a computing system with 200 CPUs and 900 TBytes storage at Kiso Observatory to issue alerts for further follow-ups by other telescopes.