Dr. Kimihiro Okumura (ICRR)
"Updated results from the T2K experiment with $3.13 \times 10^{21}$ protons on target"
T2K is an accelerator-based long-baseline neutrino oscillation experiment which produces a high-intensity neutrino beam using the J-PARC accelerator and detects neutrino events before and after propagation to the Super-Kamiokande far detector. The T2K neutrino beamline can produce both muon neutrino and anti-neutrino beams, and T2K has the sensitivity to probe unknown phenomena, such as electron anti-neutrino appearance and CP violation in the lepton sector, using these beams. In 2018, T2K reported an indication of CP violation at 2 sigma after collecting $2.62 \times 10^{21}$ protons on target (POT). Since then, additional anti-neutrino-mode beam data taken during March-May 2018 have been analyzed. In this seminar, the results of neutrino oscillation measurements made with the T2K data collected so far ($1.49 \times 10^{21}$ POT in neutrino-mode $+1.63 \times 10^{21}$ POT in anti-neutrino-mode) will be presented. In addition, new result of anti electron neutrino appearance will be mentioned. Future prospects of measurements using the J-PARC neutrino beam will also be shown.