Dr. Takashi Sako (ICRR)
"Forward Particle Measurements at Colliders and Air Shower Development"
Technic of air shower observations enables us to cover huge effective area in high-energy cosmic ray observations. To interprete the observed shower particles to the primary information, we need a help of Monte Carlo simulation, where a hadronic interaction model is assumed. Because the collision energy relevant to the CR-air interaction is beyond the accelerator energy, and/or particle production relevant to the air shower development is not measured by the usual collider experiments, the hadronic interaction is described by various models that causes uncertainty in the interpretations. The Large Hadron Collider forward (LHCf) and the Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider forward (RHICf) are the dedicated experiments to measure forward particle production at the comic-ray equivalent energies between 10^14eV and 10^17eV. In this seminar, outline and important results of LHCf the RHICf are presented together with the prospects of ongoing analyses.