Dr. Julian Sitarek (University of Lodz)
"Observations of Flat Spectrum Radio Quasars with MAGIC"
Flat Spectrum Radio Quasars (FSRQs) are a sub-class of blazars, active galaxies with their jet pointed towards the observer. They are intrinsically luminous and constitute about a half of the catalog of the known GeV extragalactic sources. Nevertheless at the very-high-energies only a handful of them has been detected so far. MAGIC is a system of two Imaging Atmospheric Cherenkov Telescopes. Due to its excellent low energy performance it is a perfect instrument for studies of FSRQs. In this seminar I will present the selected, recent results of observations of FSRQs performed with the MAGIC telescopes. In particular I will discuss the strong flare from a distant FSRQ PKS1441+25, observations of VHE gamma ray emission from a gravitationally lensed source B0218+357 and multiwavelength observations of PKS1510-089.