Dr. Mohammad Sajjad Athar (Aligarh Muslim University)
"Neutrino-Nucleus Cross Sections At Atmospheric Neutrino Energies"
I am going to review the present understanding of neutrino induced scattering on free nucleon target and nucleons bound in nuclei, will talk about the various nuclear medium effects. I will be also talking about the affect of axial dipole mass, pseudoscalar form factors and the second class currents in the quasielastic scattering process. I will be discussing the different resonant terms contributing to one pion production process. The importance of neutrino/antineutrino induced single kaon production, eta production, associated particle production as well as antineutrino induced single hyperon production processes. Specially single hyperon production contributes significantly in the subGeV energy region of the atmospheric neutrinos. I will summarize my talk by discussing how the hyperon polarization measurements at T2K and MicroBooNE energies can give information about the axial dipole mass, as well as vector transition form factors.