Dr. Florian Rodler
" Inspecting the atmospheres of giant exoplanets "
Over the past 20 years, more than 2000 planets beyond our Solar system have been found. Despite the large number of planets found, we have still little knowledge about their atmospheres. In my talk, I will introduce the most robust method to date to measure molecular features and their properties in the exoplanet atmospheres: high-resolution spectroscopy at near-infrared wavelengths. In my research, I focus on the exotic atmospheres of hot Jupiters, i.e. giant planets which are a few stellar radii away from their host stars. The composition and structure of the atmospheres surrounding these planets provide also a fossil record of their primordial origins, which potentially hold the key to understanding the formation and evolution of the universal populations of exoplanets. Their chemical composition can be directly linked to where and how the planet formed in its protoplanetary disk.