Dr. Carlos Delgado (CIEMAT, Madrid and ICRR)
" A review of AMS-02 and its results after nearly 5 years of operation. "
One hundred years after their discovery by Victor Hess, Cosmic Rays are nowadays subject of intense research from space based detectors, able to perform for the first time high precision measurement of their composition and spectra as well as of isotropy and time variability. On May 2011, the Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer (AMS-02), has been installed on the International Space Station, to measure with high accuracy the Cosmic Rays properties. AMS-02 is the result of nearly two decades of effort of an international collaboration, to design and build a state of the art detector capable to perform high precision Cosmic Rays measurement. In this seminar the AMS-02 instrument and data analysis will be described, and the main results obtained by the experiment so far will be reviewed.