Dr. Makoto Miura (ICRR)
Search for Nucleon decays in Super-Kamiokande

Grand Unified Theories (GUTs) are motivated the apparent convergence of the running couplings of the strong, weak, and electromagnetic forces at a high energy scale (10^15-10^16 GeV), which are out of the reach of accelerators. A general feature of GUTs is the instability of nucleons by baryon number violating decay. Thus, nucleon decay experiments are direct experimental tests of GUTs.

"Will proton decay someday ?" -- that is the original motivation to construct Kamiokande. Many years have past since then and Super-Kamiokande, the most sensitive proton decay detector in the world, is running now. In this seminar, I will review the latest results of nucleon decay search by using about 12 years data of Super-Kamiokande.