Kenneth Long (Imperial College London)
Neutrinos from stored muon beams

The study of the neutrino is the study of physics beyond the Standard Model. Now that 13 has been measured, the focus of the long-baseline neutrino-oscillation programme is to determine the mass hierarchy and to search for leptonic CP-invariance violation. In parallel, some anomalies in shortbaseline oscillations can be interpreted as hints for sterile neutrinos. I will explain how neutrinos produced in the decay of stored muon beams have the potential to serve the conventional long-baseline programme, provide definitive measurements of short-baseline oscillations and be developed incrementally to deliver the Neutrino Factory, the facility of choice for the study of neutrino oscillations. An exciting first step will be provided by the gnuSTORMh facility; an entry level Neutrino Factory capable of making definitive measurements of neutrino-nucleus cross sections and exquisitely sensitive searches for sterile neutrinos.