David Reitze (California Institute of Technology & University of Florida)
The Coming Global Gravitational-wave Detector Network with an Emphasis on Advanced LIGO
The first generation of large-scale gravitational-wave interferometers ? LIGO (USA), Virgo and GEO600 (Europe) -- are no longer taking data. Searches are continuing with data taken in 2009-2010, however gravitational waves remain elusive.

There is good reason for optimism that detections will come with the next generation of instruments currently being built. LIGO is currently undergoing a complete upgrade to an advanced configuration. Advanced LIGO is designed to be ten times more sensitive than initial LIGO. In this talk, I'll review some of the latest scientific results from searches for gravitational waves -- and give an overview of Advanced LIGO and discuss the prospects for gravitational wave detection and astronomy in the second half of this decade.