【February 19, 2021】ICRR Master and Doctor Thesis Workshop in 2021

We will have a Master and Doctor Thesis Workshop.

All graduate students in ICRR are expected to participate in this
workshop. Especially, the students who submitted master’s and
doctor’s theses in this FY 2020 and the international students who
are planning to submit those in the autumn this year are expected to
have an oral presentation.
In addition to this, we will welcome many students who will have
poster presentation among M1, D1, D2 students and so on.

Time: February, 19th (Fri), 2021
Place: ZOOM meeting
■Starting Time: around 9:00
We will announce the award winners on ZOOM after the workshop.
And then have a get together on SpatialChat.

We will upload the program soon.

Best Regards,

Local organizing committee

Ritsuko Sato
Research Support Office