NEW【February 7-9, 2022】The Workshop “Black Hole Astrophysics with VLBI 2022”

“Black Hole Astrophysics with VLBI 2022”

On-line + On-site workshop
(On-site: Large Seminar Room, Institute for Cosmic Ray Research, The University of Tokyo)
2022 February 7 (Mon) – 9 (Wed)

1st circular
Recent VLBI observation, e.g., the Event Horizon Telescope (EHT) provided us powerful evidence of the presence of supermassive black holes and strongly magnetized plasma in the vicinity of the black holes in M87*. In lower frequency bands, the East Asia VLBI Network (EAVN) and KaVA are also getting the unprecedented results of jets and accretion flows in M87, Sgr A*, and other AGNs. 

The workshop will bring researchers working on observation and theory/simulations to discuss our present understanding and key questions towards the future of the spacetime of black holes, the physics of accretion flow, jets, winds, and the related high energy phenomena around compact objects.

Due to the situation of the COVID-19, the workshop will be a hybrid-type [in person (for domestic people) and on-line via zoom]. All of the talks and the posters are given by on-line, and participants can also join the workshop on-cite if they hope. (The number of on-site-participants is limited because of the social distancing rule. We can accept only 10 on-site-participants except LOC members. If more than 10 candidates desire to join the workshop in person, we will select the on-site-participants.  Thank you for your understanding.)

This workshop is supported by the Collaborative Research Program of the Institute for Cosmic Ray Research, the University of Tokyo.


  • Observation, theory and simulation of relativistic jet and accretion flow and accretion flow
  • Physics of black hole magnetosphere
  • Accretion from circumnuclear region
  • Radio observation of compact object and relevant high-energy phenomena 
  • Magnetohydrodynamics, kinetic plasma physics, and radiative transfer around the compact objects

Invited speakers:

  • Yuzhu Cui (Sokendai/NAOJ/SJTU)
  • Lei Huang (SHAO)
  • Masatoshi Imanishi (NAOJ) 
  • Kyohei Kawaguchi (ICRR)
  • Serguei S. Komissarov (Leeds U)
  • Yosuke Mizuno (SJTU)
  • Hiroki Okino (U of Tokyo/NAOJ)
  • Bart Ripperda (Flatiron/Princeton U)
  • Hyunwook Ro (Yonsei U)
  • John Silverman (IPMU)    
  • Eie Sujin (U of Tokyo/NAOJ)


It is open now:
Abstract submission deadline: January 7, 2021
Registration deadline: January 31, 2021

Organizing Committees

SOC: T. Kawashima (chair, ICRR), M. Kino (Kogakuin U/NAOJ), K. Hada (NAOJ Mizusawa VLBI), K. Toma (Tohoku U), K. Kawaguchi (ICRR)
LOC: K. Kawaguchi (chair), T. Kinugawa, K. Asano (ICRR)