Passed the CTA internal LST review in Heidelberg. The project is doing quite well, the referees seem happy and said the following: "The board considers that project is mature enough at this stage to undergo an external engineering design review." Yet another review... But OK, seems to be a good idea to get feeback from external engineers before spending several millions of euros.




Downsampling competed! Finally! Changed the sampling frequency in MAGIC from 2 Gsps (giga samples per second) to 1.64. May not sound extraordinary to you but MAGIC was lacking some buffer length in the data readout, which caused it to be blind for stereoscopic observations in certain zenith/azimuth directions. With the slower sampling rate the buffer length is longer and all Zd/Az angles become accessible! The preparation for this installation started 4 years ago. Most work was done by Riccardo Paoletti, Diego Tescaro, Julian Sitarek and Reiko Orito. While the rest of the collaboration enjoyed good November weather on Sofia, Riccardo and myself opened a bottle of champagne in the counting house! GRBs can be detected from any direction now :)




The 4th Fermi Symposium in Nagoya is over. Check presentations at the Conference website. No gamma-ray signal from the dwarf galaxies but some extended excess from a large ring around the Galactic center. There is some tension between the two results if trying to interpret the excess as the dark matter signature.


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