About Ashra 3D-RTIL

Lidar (Laser Rader) is useful as remote mesurement method for the altitude distribution of atmospheric components. It is, however, difficult to apply this present Lidar method to the monitor of 3-dimensional atmospheric component distribution because of narrow field-of-view. In this development plan, by applying an optical system with simultaneous high-speed imaging, ultra-wide field-of-view and arc-minutes resolution, which has been developed for monitoring cosmic ray images, we will realize apparatus to 3-dimensional real-time image Lidar monitor with high-speed and high-resolution. We will demonstrate the real performance as a monitor of automobile exhaust gases and aerosols at a cross road as well as urban aerosols and wide-area ozone layer watching from the roof-top of our the research building.

Fig.1@Ashra 3D-RTIL image

Last Modified - Nov/7/2008