About ICRR
About Each Projects
Detection of neutrinos and search for proton decays in a large water tank.[Go To HP]
XMASS experiment aims to detect the cold dark matter in the universe directly using a liquid Xenon detector. The detector holds about 1ton of liquid Xenon and has been operated in the Kamioka mine.[Go To HP]
Cherenkov Cosmic Gamma Ray Group :
Very high energy cosmic gamma ray observation.[Go To HP]
Search for point sources of VHE cosmic gamma at Tibet heights.[Go To HP]
Telescope Array(TA) :
Aiming at highest energy cosmic ray physics by detecting weak light from atmosphere.[Go To HP]
ALPACA Experiment :
Observation of UHE cosmic gamma rays and cosmic rays at Mt. Chacaltaya, Bolivia. [Go To HP]
Gravitational Wave Group:
R & D for detection of unknown phenomena "gravitational waves".[Go To HP]
Observational Cosmology Group
Armed with the state-of-the art telescopes such as Subaru and Hubble, we aim to push the today's observational frontier towards the very high redshift universe that no one has ever seen by observations. Our goal is understanding physical processes of galaxy formation at the early stage and the relevant event of cosmic reionization.[Go To HP]
Theory Group:
Theoretical studies for verifying Grand Unified Theory and early Universe.[Go To HP]
Ashra (All-sky Survey High Resolution Air-shower detector):
We have developed a quite new type of detector with wide angle high resolution aiming for monitoring optical and particle radiation from high-energy transient objects. Now we are installing the detector system on the Hawaiian island just before real observation.[Go To HP]