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*********** 裹2014ǯ١˱ʪؾ޼޼ ************
                                                 CRC¹԰ѰĹ Ÿ
Roger Wendellر

оʸPhy. Rev. Lett. 110, 181802 2013ǯɽ
Evidence for the Appearance of Atmospheric 
Tau Neutrinos in Super-Kamiokande

*********** 裸2012ǯ١˱ʪؾ޼޼ ************

ƣ δǷ ʥޥåץʪظ

        Study of the High Energy Gamma-ray Emission from the Crab Pulsar 
        with the MAGIC telescope and Fermi-LAT

************ 裷2010ǯ١˱ʪؾ޼޼ ************



       оʸرطϸʸ 2009ǯ12ɽ
        Study on the High-Energy Cosmic-Ray Anisotropy with the Tibet 
        Air-Shower Array

************ 6 (2005ǯ) ʪؾ޼޼ ************

                                            ãңü¹԰ѰĹ   Ϻ
                                            ͰѰѰĹ   ŵ

     (̾ŲϵĶ ؿ)

    оʸ: (̾Ųرظʸ 2005ǯ3ɽ)
      Solar Neutron Events Associated with Large Solar Flares
        in Solar Cycle 23

************ 5 (2004ǯ) ʪؾ޼޼ ************

                                            ãңü¹԰ѰĹ  Ļ 
                                            ͰѰѰĹ   ŵ

    (ر ؿ)

        оʸ: (رطϸʸ 2004ǯ2ɽ)
        L/E analysis of the atmospheric neutrino data from Super-Kamiokande

Ͼ     (ظ ̸)

        оʸ: (رظʸ 2004ǯ1ɽ)
        A Detailed Spatial and Spectral Study of Synchrotron X-rays 
          from Supernova Remnants with Chandra

************ 4 (2003ǯ) ʪؾ޼޼ ************

                                            ãңü¹԰ѰĹ  Ļ 

ƣ    (븩Ω )

        оʸ: (رظʸ 2003ǯɽ)
        Study of TeV gamma-ray emission from the nearby starburst 
          galaxy NGC253 

⻳ ٿ   ()

        оʸ: (رطϸʸ 2003ǯɽ)
        Study of Non-thermal X-ray Emission Produced by Sub-relativistic 
          and Ultra-relativistic Particles in Supernova Remnants

************ 3 (2002ǯ) ʪؾ޼޼ ************

                                            ãңü¹԰ѰĹ  ¼ 
                                            ͰѰѰĹ  ڽ 

    ( )

        оʸ: (رطϸʸ 2001ǯ4ɽ)
        Power recycling for an interferometric gravitational wave detector

 ۰   (ر )

        оʸ: (رطϸʸ 2002ǯ3ɽ)
        Precise Measurements of Cosmic-Ray Antiproton Spectrum
          at Solar Maximum

************ 2 (2001ǯ) ʪؾ޼޼ ************

                                            ãңü¹԰ѰĹ  ¼ 
                                            ͰѰѰĹ  ë ʿ

Ҳ    (رظ )

        оʸ: (رطϸʸ 2000ǯ3ɽ)
        X-ray study of rapid variability in TeV blazars and
          the implications on particle acceleration in jets

 ҹ   (رطϸ )

        оʸ: (Astrophysical Journal, 545, 1135-1142, 2000ǯ12ɽ)
        Precise measurement of cosmic-ray proton and helium spectra
          with the BESS spectrometer

************ 1 (2000ǯ) ʪؾ޼޼ ************

                                            ͰѰѰĹ  ë ʿ

¼    (ر COE)

        оʸ: (رطϸʸ 1999ǯ3ɽ)
        Observation of atmospheric neutrinos in Super-Kamiokande
          and a neutrino oscillation analysis

    (ر ؿ)

        оʸ: (رظʸ 1998ǯ3ɽ)
        Extremely high energy cosmic rays observed with AGASA:
          Energy spectrum and arrival direction distribution